still alive!

i just logged into lj for the first time in forever because i wanted to remind myself of a trip to santa barbara a few years ago (i'm going again next week for work, yay).

anyway, i'm still around, and you can find me most often on twitter under the same username. i still love everything marvel, especially phil and clint. i have written an incredible amount of fic about those two, all of which is on the AO3. i also started reading a few marvel comics, which i never thought i'd do (ms. marvel! rocket raccoon!). but the peeps i follow on twitter all read comics and you get sucked in.

anyway, say hi if you like. :)
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i am still alive!

i think i have forgotten how to post here. so sad. :( i was doing so well during nablopomo, too!

so, tell me, what should i post about? anything you want to know?

i've been writing a lot of fic recently, which is certainly due to spending lots of time on twitter in the company of many other c/c shippers. the bunnies just keep coming! i'll add links below. right now, i'm working on the sequel to my omega!phil fic and i'm writing a story inspired by this wonderful piece of art [nsfw].

my recent fics:

1. in sickness, which i wrote for snottygrrl for her birthday. [G, 1,300 words].
summary: Clint wakes up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. He ignores both; there's no way he can be sick. He's going on a date with Phil this evening, after all, and there's no way he's missing it.

2. the challenge of loving phil coulson (clint wouldn't have it any other way) [G, 1k]
summary: Clint should be mad, but he can't bring himself to be angry when Phil huddles against him like this, desperately trying to chase away the chill that has surely settled in his bones.

3. five times clint held a baby (and one time he didn't) [G, 5,200 words]
summary: Watching Clint with a baby in his arms does funny things to Phil's insides.

and have some pics of all the snow we've been having, too!

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Fic! "In the Quiet Space Between Us" [MCU, Phil/Clint]

I really need to make an update and post a bazillion pics, but for now, new fic! I wrote A/B/O fic, which...surprised me. But I had an idea and there are way too few Omega!Phil fics out there, and, well, now there's one more.

In the Quiet Space Between Us [Explicit, 12k]

Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Clint Barton, Omega Phil Coulson, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Knotting, Barebacking, Clint Barton is an excellent caretaker, Phil Coulson is a little out of his element, Cuddling & Snuggling, Getting Together

Summary: “You're in heat,” Clint blurts out as he steps into Phil's office late on a Friday afternoon, the realization so stark and undeniable that the words are out of his mouth before he has finished thinking them.


nablopomo, day 29 [a very lazy day]

today i slept in, made spicy french toast for breakfast, wrote more of my omega!phil fic, took a nap, had a delicious turkey sandwich for a late lunch, wrote some more fic, spent some time on twitter, had dinner made up of leftovers while watching the most recent ep of brooklyn nine-nine (this show has totally become my go-to thing to watch during dinner), wrote some more fic.

so, all in all, a perfect day. i had considered venturing outside to poke around some stores for black friday deals, but in the end, i just couldn't be bothered to go outside in the cold.

i'm excited about my usual farmer's market routine tomorrow, and maybe i'll go to see thor or catching fire again.
a cold winter night

nablopomo, day 27 [thanksgiving prep, phase 1]

oh my goodness, how did it get so late?

oh yeah, i was watching iron man 3 and then checking on my chicken stock for the 123rd time today. yup, i'm venturing into the land of home-made chicken stock, thanks to a recipe that said "throw chicken wings, an onion, garlic, salt and water into a crockpot and wait." the waiting part is difficult. it's been simmering away for more than eight hours now and i think it's developing flavor? it's supposed to be a deep golden color and taste omg amazing, but mine isn't quite there yet. i guess i'll keep it going until i go to bed, then turn it off so it can cool off overnight.

i also had plans to start on the jalapeno cranberry relish and prep the stuffing, but that didn't happen. i did clean my apartment pretty thoroughly in anticipation of tomorrow, though, so there's that. i also wrote more of my omega!phil fic, which i definitely consider a good thing.

i also read a lovely fic: trust the system by spikedluv [15k, rated teen]. it's a clint/phil getting together/clint finds out phil's alive fic that takes into account most of the aired episodes of agents of shield. i really enjoyed how the author dealt with phil's state of mind. it was a lovely read for the rainy afternoon we had (well, it rained ALL DAY but it wasn't the terrible storm the local news predicted).


nablopomo, day 25 [more thanksgiving planning]

well, this storm that is heading our way is putting a dent into my wednesday food shopping plans (basically, there is heavy rain and wind in the forecast for the entire day). so i'll head out tomorrow and get the final things on my list. at least the weather for the rest of thanksgiving weekend looks good. how is your thanksgiving planning going? :)

another exciting thing that happened today is that novembersnow and i made plans to meet up for brunch and christmas market fun in december. :D we did the same thing last year, and it'll be fun to hang out+catch up. plus, we are going to the filipino restaurant in the east village that i am positively obsessed with.

last night, i was working on my omega!phil fic and i got stuck in the middle of a scene (it was a smutty scene, no less). it was so frustrating! i think i got stuck because the pacing was off in the earlier part. i skipped something that i originally wanted to add, and i think that was a mistake. so i need to go back and rewrite the opening. yup.

oh, and i want to write a whole post about nail polish, but that seems kind of silly. or maybe not? nail polish is definitely a thing that i got into this year (right now, i'm wearing essie's geranium because i wore a teal dress with red accents today and the polish almost matches those accents).
a cold winter night

nablopomo, day 23 [thanksgiving food shopping, part 1]

the temperatures only went up to the mid-40s today, so i started my day with a stumptown breakfast once again. maybe it was the cold or the fact that i was there by 9:30am, but there were a few empty tables for me to choose from. i had an artisinal pop tart, which was very tasty, and planned my shopping.

today i got a few staples for thanksgiving. i bought lemons and oranges (um, not that the farmer's market, obviously), and then sage, apple cider, milk, cream, buttermilk, potatoes, onions, and goat cheese at the market. i am not entirely sure yet what i'll make aside from my trusty apple chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and spicy sweet potato wedges. oh, and i will definitely make these amazing-sounding orange and cranberry breakfast buns one of the days after thanksgiving. i might also make turkey for the first time! not a whole turkey, but whole foods sells small stuffed turkey breasts ready to roast, and i will get one if they still have them on wednesday (that's when i'll get up extra early to hit the farmer's market for the last fresh ingredients). i have also pretty much settled on this pear, cranberry, and gingerbread crumble for dessert.

i finished my first fic for feelstide, and i'm pretty happy with it. 2,200 words of sleeping bag snuggles in the snow, with some sex that i had not planned, but that phil and clint insisted upon (clint in particular).

i also watched the doctor who 50th anniversary special, which i enjoyed a lot, and of course i also saw the 30sec-long new sherlock trailer. how can they still not figure out when they'll actually air the new eps of sherlock??